Bryan K. Matanky, M.D.

Founder and Director of Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, P.C.
Sports Medicine fellowship at Harvard University

Dr. Bryan Matanky - Orthopedic special interest

Dr. Bryan Matanky - Background and Training

Dr. Matanky is the Founder and Director of Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, PC., founded in 1994. He is a leading expert and has significant experience in, the most advanced and modern techniques in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery. His specific areas of expertise include total joint replacements, sports reconstructions and joint arthroscopies, and adult and juvenile trauma / fractures. This includes regions such as the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, hip, thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle, and the foot. He is an early adopter of complex minimally invasive orthopedic surgery techniques and also utilizes the most advanced computerized navigation systems to ensure optimal results.

Dr. Matanky has a rich background in adult reconstructive techniques and total joint replacements, and is a reputable expert in computer navigation techniques for total knee replacements and total shoulder replacements. Utilizing advanced computerized technology, with preoperative and intra operative navigation, Dr. Matanky has performed over 1000 “patient specific” total knee or total shoulder implants. This advanced procedure begins with an MRI or CT three-dimensional analysis of each patient’s joint problems or deformities. This data is then analyzed, identifying each individual’s abnormalities. Next, advanced 3-dimensional printers are used to custom mold a patient specific guide which is then used intraoperatively to accurately and precisely aid in the positioning of a knee or shoulder total joint implant. Dr. Matanky uses alternate computerized technology called OrthAlign which offers precise alignment of implants. Employing these advanced techniques and the latest advances in orthopedics, he is able to help his patients return to their normal lives and activities as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Because of this extensive experience in these advancing computerized technologies, Dr. Matanky regularly lectures and trains other orthopedic surgeons in these modern techniques.

Dr. Matanky has completed a Sports Medicine fellowship at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. While training at such esteemed facilities such as Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital, he learned and in fact was involved in research related to a wide variety of adult and pediatric sporting injuries. He remains a regional expert in the field of knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle arthroscopies and sports reconstructions. He is dedicated to helping his patients lead active and healthy lives and to allow them to return to their desired activities.

Since moving to Arizona in 1994, Dr. Matanky has become a regional expert in the field of orthopedic trauma and fracture care. He has treated thousands of fractures, via a variety of non-surgical and surgical techniques. He is a pioneer in minimally invasive fracture surgical care and remains dedicated to employing the most advanced orthopedic techniques to help patients return to their normal lives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Dr. Matanky is also one of the few founding members of the International Geriatric Fracture Society and is regularly involved in the advancement in this growing and important field.

Dr. Matanky is affiliated with several surrounding area hospitals, including Arizona Specialty Hospital (Chandler, AZ) and Banner Casa Grande Medical Center.

He employs an expert team to maximize results, educate and treat patients, and to ensure that all the patient’s expectations are satisfied.

Dr. Matanky provides compassionate, quality care to his patients. He strives to help heal and strengthen patients so they can lead active and healthy lifestyles. Because this care often includes surgery, he believes that he provides expert care by utilizing the most modern techniques, and by using the most advanced and safest technology. He enjoys working with his patients and bringing them high levels of education, expertise, and experience.

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